Poème Pretty Boys & Strong Girls

Première collaboration artistique

Un poème de Luz Bellamare, illustré par Laura Hortense

Pretty Boys and Strong Girls

Riot Girls and Melee Boys

Wearing the same pearls

Pearl of Pride

Pearl of Golden eyes

Pearled with pain and anger

Pretty Boys and Strong Girls

Some barriers broke down

Some spaces have been reached

In Sorority

And Fraternity

Great things grow

From The Power in Pride

Some boundaries have been broken

Pretty Boys and Strong Girls

Words that you whisper

Are poems of Pride

When it comes to the cause of women

We should be united, not divided

Together in victory and we shall follow you

Which ever you are in

Pretty boys and Strong Girls

You are always wild and bright fires

With dazzling and dense accents

Burning in our heart and mind

We Learn through your struggles and Fights

Illustration : Laura Hortense

We will not hide

We will stand by you

Together we are the Rising Sun

Together we write 

A life of our own

Freedom Now

For you and us

We rose up slowly

Among that flames

That’s How we rise

After their words fall

From their ashes

We, Pretty Boys And Strong Girls, rise up !

Écrit par Luz, que vous pouvez retrouver sur Facebook et Instagram

Note : 5 sur 5.

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